April 02, 2007

Dakin Roy, top image; Sonia Roy, bottom image.

GO NORTH - A Space for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of Sonia and Dakin Roy’s show “Memento Mori." The exhibition runs from April 7 to 29, 2007. A reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, April 7, 6 to 9 pm.

In "Memento Mori," Sonia and Dakin Roy explore issues of mortality and how people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and demographic groups deal with death. Through photographs and works on paper, the Roys have taken pieces of the past and combined them with the present, thereby creating new memories and homages out of the remnants of those who have come before us. The Roys reexamine and redefine what it is to be alive and how we choose to remember those who are gone. The Roys live and work in Beacon, NY.

Founded in September 2006 by artists Karlos Carcamo and Gregory Slick, Go North – A Space for Contemporary Art’s mission is to exhibit and promote art by local, national, and international artists. Our focus is contemporary art that is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge cultural and artistic issues by pushing the boundaries of traditional media. Staging monthly exhibitions on a rotating basis, the gallery gives artists the opportunity to expand and explore new dimensions in their work.

Gallery hours: 12 to 6 pm, Friday through Sunday.

Go North – A Space for Contemporary Art
469 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508